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Folder mechanism

Folder mechanism has been produced by our company for a decade.  The joint of the folder mechanism can be ordered for both traditional TAK and GAMMAMAT imaging applications.

Outlet mechanism

The outlet mechanisms produced by KBFI-UNIO Ltd can be attached safely to the radiographic imaging applications.

ADR equipment

KBFI-UNIO Ltd can serve its customers from stock with ADR equipment. Among the products dockets, boards and various accessories can be found, all of them meeting the requirements of ADR. We also undertake safety transportation counselling for companies.

X-ray film evaluator lamp

It can be regulated continuously, the set basic brightness and full brightness can be changed with a foot switch. The brightness can be further intensified by pressing the brightness intensifier button for a short time. The sintered, plastic painting ensures good protection against corrosion.

Film stabilizor magnet

Most of the time necessary to make an X-ray image is taken up by the placement and stabilizing of the film. This time can be reduced significantly if the Film Stabilizor Magnet (see picture) is applied. Its advantages: huge magnetic field, stabilizing without shift, small weight, rubber fastener, long life expectancy.

Permanent magnet

The KUMP-01 type permanent magnet can be applied for magnetic crack inspection. It can be used advantageously for complicated configurations at workplaces where the electric system is not established.