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Company History

KBFI-UNIO Ltd. is the legal predecessor of Central Mining Development Institution, established by engineers in 1990. For many years it has been producing and servicing defectoscopes, transport cases, radioactive radiation protection devices, as well as providing their legal supervision.

Since operating high activity machinery is hazardous even when being handled with care, KBFI-UNIO Ltd. is prepared for the prevention of any possible malfunction or accident. For this purpose we have such rescue poles, lazy-tongs and special radiation protective rescue cases at our disposal that throughout the years we have many times succeeded in the prevention of technical defects without significant radiation. The company's know-how ensures that in case of a call its experts equipped with special devices can soon start the necessary activity.

Our activities include the instalment, removal and burying of radioactive radiation sources from various types of radiation source containers.

Due to the development, production and servicing of radioisotope devices, an extensive industrial connection has been established with industrial companies.

We undertake the configuration of the security systems of X-ray laboratories as well. The security systems of several X-ray laboratories serve as reference.

Our products include various devices, such as radioactive radiation meter (DM-01), radioactive radiation indicator (SL lamp) and personal dose rate indicators (DSZJ-E, DSZJ-F). With the latter we have provided all industrial companies in Hungary dealing with isotope technology.

Our company offers ADR equipment, gamma radiation detector lamps and collimator, which is compulsory when performing radioisotope material inspection.

We undertake the transport and storage of industrial and medical radiation sources with the appropriate background and prepared experts. We have been providing safety counselling on hazardous goods for other companies for several years (Class 7 radioactive materials).

In 2012 a C level isotope laboratory was established on our site, which enabled us to obtain permission for applications with open radioactive waste. As a result, we have new activities to offer: installation and removal, storage and final placement of radiation sources found in ionization smoke detectors.

Due to the development of our devices and activities we are able to measure and map radiation and radioactive pollution, both in industrial and residential areas.

Seeing the development of non-destructive testing, we have extended our X-ray and isotope inspections to other fields as well. As a result, we are prepared to perform ultrasound, visual, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing as well.